Volkswagen Transporter - Our Van of the Month For September

Is the Volkswagen Transporter the most desirable Medium Van?

When you think of a medium sized van, chances are the Ford Transit is the first, possibly the only van you think of. This isn’t surprising, the Transit is easily the most popular van on the road, it does everything well and nothing badly, which is why we made it our very first rental van of the month in July. Say what you like about the Transit, but it’s not exactly what you’d call ‘desirable’ and the blue oval Ford logo doesn’t suggest ‘premium’.

Enter the Volkswagen Transporter. Even with their infamous naughtiness when it came to massaging emissions test results, that shiny VW logo on the grill suggests a vehicle of above average quality and specifications. The Volkswagen Transporter doesn’t disappoint and as well as earning the title of our September Van of the Month, we’ve heard this VW panel van being described as the most desirable van in the medium van class.


The Distinctive and Distinguished Volkswagen Transporter

A van couldn’t be named van of the month by simply being a competent load hauler, this is to be expected in a van of any size and of course, the Transporter is an excellent choice from the narrow perspective of payload.

The cab of the Volkswagen Transporter is as classy as vans come. The dash and the seating manage to be efficient without being austere, the dash-mounted gear lever gives the middle passenger some welcome extra legroom and the distinctively VW dash oozes class, being far more ‘car-like than ‘vanlike’ in it’s aesthetics. The driver aids and overall equipment levels, once again, wouldn’t be out of place in an upmarket car, so to find them in a light commercial vehicle is especially welcome.

When driving the Transporter, that characteristic German engineering becomes apparent, with every turn of the wheel, every gear change and every control feeling like it clicks into place, cleanly with exactly the right weight feel and balance. It’s a commercial vehicle, but it doesn’t feel like it.


September’s Rental Van of The Month – The Volkswagen Transporter

For a van that’s a cut above and provides many of the creature comforts you’ve become accustomed to in your car, you can’t go far wrong when you choose a Volkswagen Transporter as your rental van of choice. If the prospect of being a ‘white van man’ (or ‘white van woman’) is something you’d rather avoid, then you’ll no doubt be pleased to know that our Volkswagen Transporters are available in black and as biased as we are, we think this is a colour which makes them look just as upmarket as they feel to drive.

The Volkswagen Transporter is a very worthy recipient of our ‘Van of the Month’ accolade and when you consider that a capable van from a premium marque can be hired from as little as £30.71 per day, why not get in touch and book one for yourself today?


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