The Range Rover Sport - November's Car of The Month


As the temperature drops and the first hints of winter start to appear, we’re reminded that more challenging driving conditions are coming in the months ahead. When the weather’s appalling, there’s snow on the ground and the gritter hasn’t been round yet, we’re certainly glad to have a capable and luxurious rental vehicle like the Range Rover Sport at our disposal.


To some, the Range Rover is a status symbol, it’s a large, imposing and luxurious mobile signpost that lets everyone know you’re doing pretty well for yourself. For others, the Range Rover is a versatile and capable vehicle which is a pleasure to drive in the town, on the motorway, as well as being equally at home, off road, in poor weather conditions and in places where lesser cars can’t go.


Range Rover Sport – Quality Without Compromise

Despite being one of the largest cars on the road, the Range Rover Sport has a surprising turn of speed, capable of hitting 60 miles per hour from a standstill in less than seven seconds and still managing to return up to 44 mpg. The sheer effortlessness with which the Range Rover achieves this, or indeed any other speed betrays the many decades of engineering know-how which have gone into the current model.


What’s impressive about the Range Rover Sport and the reason we’ve selected it as our car of the month is the way it does pretty much anything you could ever want a car to do (apart from park in a small space). Nothing about the Range Rover Sport is a compromise. It’s large enough for a family to be seated in supreme comfort, luxurious and impressive enough to pick up executives from the airport. It has tremendous presence on the road and far more capability off it than a luxury car really should. Handling and performance also seem far too good for a vehicle this large and fuel economy is also much better than you’d expect.


The Range Rover Sport does absolutely everything well and nothing badly, once you’ve driven one, everything else will seem like a compromise.