The Peugeot Boxer - Our August Van of the Month


Utility is usually the primary concern of our van hire customers. You have something to move from point A to point B, which is too big or too heavy for your car, so you need something bigger to get the job done. From our small city vans to our cavernous Luton’s the job drives the choice and all other considerations are secondary. But that doesn’t mean that the secondary considerations aren’t important.

The Peugeot Boxer for instance. Sitting above standard SWB vans in terms of payload volume, our van hire customers choose vehicles in this range because they need something a bit larger than, say, a Ford Transit. All our Long Wheelbase vans, therefore, provide a little extra, but the Peugeot Boxer manages to provide it with charm and has earned the accolade of being our Van of the Month for August.


The Peugeot Boxer – Style as well as substance

A van is just a van right? Well, not entirely. What makes the Peugeot Boxer stand out from the dozens of other big white vans you’ll see on the road, is the noticeable effort that’s gone into the design. You might think that there’s not a lot you can do with a panel van, but Peugeot has gone the extra mile on the aesthetics, to leave us with a vehicle, which while not entirely pretty to look at at least manages to be striking, by van standards that’s pretty much film star looks!

Design is no good if it doesn’t work as it should, especially in a vehicle which is expected to be a workhorse and in this regard, the Peugeot Boxer doesn’t disappoint. Both inside and out, the Boxer takes it’s style cues from Peugeot’s distinctively French car range, but, as you’d expect in a van, the design has been made chunkier, but without losing that refinement. The great design goes beyond aesthetics though. Most notably in the height of the load bay floor which is lower than pretty much any other van in its class, saving the backs of the crew occupying the pleasant and well equipped three-seater cab. The load bay itself comes with floor mounted lashing hooks as well as anchor points elsewhere, making it easy to secure a load which might otherwise move around in transit.

The cab itself is a pleasant place to be. The driver will appreciate the same commanding driving position which are typical for any van. With modern vans becoming increasingly car like with each iteration, it’s no surprise to find modern creature comforts in even light commercial vehicles. The Boxer is no exception, with air-con, numerous driver aids and infotainment options, but our absolute favourite feature ins the dash mounted gear lever, which as well as being easier for the driver, gives the middle seat passenger some welcome knee room.


August’s Van of The Month – The Excellent Peugeot Boxer

When a standard, short wheelbase model just isn’t van enough for you, stepping up to the long wheelbase category is the next logical step and when you do, the capable Peugeot Boxer, our August Van of the Month, will be there for you. Style is a nice to have rather than a must-have, but when you’re driving the Boxer, we’re sure you’ll agree, nice to have is very nice indeed. Starting at just £36.43 per month, you certainly get a lot of van for not very much outlay!

To inquire about hiring a Peugeot Boxer, or any other van in our rental van fleet, get in touch with us for details of price and availability, we’d be delighted to hear from you.