Review and Compare Your Policies for Car Insurance Day

Car Insurance Day – Take The Time To Compare

Car insurance day, which falls on the 1st of February, was created as an annual reminder to take a moment to double check premiums and look over policies. Owning a car brings with it a number of expenses and obligations, amongst those is the sensible requirement to have an insurance policy in place to make sure that, should the worst happen, there’s a financial safety net in place to cover damage and loss. While car hire and van hire from us comes with insurance as standard, you’re welcome, by prior arrangement to arrange our own vehicle hire insurance should you wish.


Why should I check my car insurance?

Insurance is something that anyone who drives is legally required to have. The market for insurance is overflowing with choice, provided by countless companies who all know that you HAVE to choose one of them. While it’s never been easier to review and compare insurance products and policies, it’s still a bit of a hassle, especially as it involves digging out the details of the vehicle you’re driving, your own claim or no claim history from your existing insurance and filling in various forms to submit as part of your application even before you know for sure how much it’ll really cost.

Of course, there’s always the suspicion that, should the worst happen, that the company you choose might do all it can to avoid paying out in any event. With this being the case it’s no surprise that many people just blindly accept whatever their existing policy provider provides at renewal time rather than go through the ordeal of switching.

Unfortunately, there evidence in the insurance industry and also in other services where people renew contracts annually, that providers don’t always play fair and increase renewal quotes for no reason other than because they can, without any justification at all. Such renewal inertia results in a ‘loyalty penalty’, where those who stick with the same company year after year end up paying significantly more than those who shop around.

The idea of car insurance day is to give consumers a little bit of extra motivation to make sure that their car insurance policy is still right for them, that all the details are correct and crucially, that they couldn’t get a better deal elsewhere. Isn’t your policy worth a look?


What to look out for on Car Insurance day

The easiest way to find out if you’re getting a good deal on your car insurance is to feed all your relevant details into one of several well know comparison websites and see how your existing car insurance policy fares against the competition. If you find one significantly cheaper, especially if you’re coming up due for renewal, call your existing provider and challenge them to explain why the list of their competitors (and probably their own online offer) is significantly cheaper than what you’re paying now or what they’re quoting on your renewal. Chances are you’ll get an immediate, almost magical discount offer, but do make sure you really are comparing like for like, or that could be used to justify the cost.

it’s worth bearing in mind, as with all things, that cheapest isn’t always best. We’re forced to have insurance, but no-one buys a policy intending to make a claim. If you are unfortunate enough to claim on your policy, a company that don’t worsen an already stressful situation is probably worth a few extra pounds (but don’t tell them that). If you’re looking at an array of quotes, especially if the best ones are from companies you’ve never heard from it’s worthwhile Googling them and seeing what kinds of reviews they’re getting from their customers. It’s also worth being a little old fashioned and calling the company. This will allow you assess how easy it is to speak to a human being and how helpful/understandable their staff are when they answer. Not everyone is as friendly and as local as Priory Rentals car and van hire!


Take the time to get yourself a better deal on car insurance day!