Our August Car of the Month – The Volkswagen Golf GTD

The Volkswagen Golf GTD – The Best of all Worlds

When selecting vehicles to join the Priory car hire fleet, we never opt for second best. Each addition must fill the needs or wants of our lovely customers. Some people want a car which performs, others want a car to travel with their family in comfort. Fuel economy is a concern for many of our customers, while strong image and road presence is important to others. In many cars, one or more of these factors may need to be sacrificed in order to get others, however, the simply glorious Volkswagen Golf GTD, doesn’t just tick all these boxes, but does so convincingly.


VW Golf – A Car 40 years in the making

The Volkswagen Golf GTD is a car with decades of history behind it. The original Golf was introduced on 1974 and has been in production ever since. Currently in its 7th generation, the all-conquering German hatchback has been in a constant state of evolution to give us the car we see today.

The 7th generation Golf was introduced in 2012 and while being slightly larger than the MKVI which preceded it, the MKVII manages to be around 100kg lighter thanks to the use of ever more modern materials. For many the ‘Golf GTI’ (which we also have in our fleet) is the go-to Golf for performance, but the GTD variant takes many of it’s more raucous stablemate and while not quite matching the immediacy of the GTI, more than makes up for it with impressive fuel economy and a feel that’s more balanced between power and refinement.

While the GTI’s road presence and design proudly boasts about it’s own performance, both the interior and exterior of the GTD merely hint at the performance which can be summoned at a moment’s notice. It’s supremely capable and supremely comfortable, with more than enough grunt beneath your right foot should you feel the need to express yourself.  The Volkswagen Golf GTD feels like the kind of car the GTI will be when it grows up.


A satisfying drive, no matter what the road

All comparisons with the GTI aside, the GTD like it’s louder, lairier sibling is blessed with the kind of engineering and the kind of driving experience that you’d expect from a vehicle with such a long pedigree. Every Golf feels perfectly balanced, precise and even flattering to drive. Never do the controls feel vague or listless and the layout of the dash puts everything exactly where you need it and expect it to be.

Road noise, trim rattles and cheap materials are all things you won’t find a trace of within the Golf GTD. Everything is well assembled and securely bolted together, even the doors close with a satisfyingly muted thud.

In many cases, a car which aims to be all things to all people generally fins itself in the middle of the road, being merely average in an attempt to satisfy every driver requirement, but the Volkswagen GTD is almost unique in its ability to not only satisfy the needs of nearly any driver, but the exceed their expectations without compromising on anything. The Golf GTD does everything and does it well, making it the perfect car for just about anyone. When you consider that prices start from just £28.57 per day, it’s a lot of car for very little money.

For these reasons and several others, we’re proud to call the GTD our Priory Rentals Car of The Month for August. We hope you’ll enjoy driving one as much as we do!


To hire a Volkswagen Golf GTD, or indeed any other car in the Priory Fleet, get in touch with us today to make your reservation and prepare to be blown away by the incredible all-rounder that is the Golf GTD.


Volkswagen Golf GTD Car Rental