October's Van of The Month - The Mercedes Citan 109 CDI


In our range of light commercial vehicles for hire, rental vans around the size of the Ford Transit reign supreme as the perfect all-rounders, however, for city couriers, even these vans might be too large. City driving favours smaller vehicles to make navigating narrow streets and parking in tight spots easier. Medium vans like the Transit are still large vehicles and if you’re transporting goods to a city destination, you might find that a smaller panel van is easier to live with.

A van like the Mercedes Citan 109 CDI, our Van of The Month for October.


Mercedes Citan 109 CDI – Our Cheapest Van is a Mercedes?

As with most of our fleet, (with one or two exceptions) whether that be cars for hire or rental vans, the smaller the vehicle, the less it costs less to hire and to run. The Mercedes Citan 109 CDI follows this trend as one of the smallest panel vans in our fleet, it’s also one of the cheapest vans for hire, starting at a mere £25.00 per day, despite the premium three point star adorning its grill.

Any van has to be able to carry a payload and the Mercedes Citan is no exception. Designed with the City in mind (Citan is short for ‘City Titan’), you’ll have no problem getting your goods where you need them to go, with less of the tight squeezes you’d encounter with a larger vehicle.

A smaller vehicle means more miles per gallon and the Mercedes Citan is able to achieve up to 65 mpg, which means you’ll spend more of your time on the road than in the fuel station. This means you’ll be able to spend more time in the cab between pitstops, which is no bad thing. The Citan’s cockpit, as you’d expect from a Mercedes, is well put together, managing to be both rugged and classy. With all the driver comforts and conveniences, you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to unload.


Hire a Mercedes Citan 109 CDI – Our October Van of The Month

If price is a factor, if even a Transit is too large and if you’re looking to maximise fuel economy, a van like the Citan might well be perfect for you. Being able to combine all these factors and adding a touch of luxury with it’s premium branding the Mercedes Citan 109 CDI is an exceptional choice, making it our Van of the Month for October. Check out our range of small vans for hire and experience the Citan for yourself.