Cut the cost of motoring, hire a prestige car

Why Buy a Big Car When You Can Rent One?

Getting behind the wheel of large, comfortable prestige car and cruising the motorways is a great way to travel. Large, quality vehicles make longer road trips a joy. Large motorway cruisers are built for the open road, they perform better at higher speeds and return both greater fuel economy and greater driving pleasure. But what if you only travel a few miles to work and to the shops most weeks? For many of us, a long drive is an occasional joy rather than a regular event and owning a large comfortable car is often more costly and less convenient than having a nippy runarund for your day to day driving and simply hiring a luxury car when you need one. Mixing vehicle hire and vehicle ownership this way is a smart and convenient way to cut the cost of motoring overall.


Cut The Cost of Your Commute

Commuting in the City during rush hour is the opposite of the comfortable motorway cruise. A car with a smaller footprint, will maneuvre round the congested streets and make use of the smallest openings and parking spaces, while drivers of large prestige cars, sit in their static air conditioned cocoons, unable to move.


Cut the Cost of Motoring By Cutting Down on Large Car Costs

Larger cars typically cost more to buy than smaller cars, especially so if they’re luxury or prestige cars. Higher prices and higher desirability means they’ll cost more to insure too. Larger engines mean they’ll burn more fuel, especially when crawling along during ‘rush hour’. Add to this, the higher road tax you’ll pay for the larger car and the typically higher repair and maintenance bills you’ll also get and it becomes clear that it make far better sense financially to hire a prestige car only when you need it and stick with a smaller budget model for your day to day driving.


Look After The Environment and cut the cost of motoring at the same time

On of the other advantages of owning a small car is that because they burn less fuel, they’re typically better for the environment allowing you to cut the cost of motoring in more ways than just price, you’ll be limiting your carbon footprint, a worthy consideration in these days of climate change and global warming.

Another environmental consideration, the ongoing debates regarding fuel types and whether drivers of certain cars should be penalised, makes buying a large car, typically powered by petrol or diesel a bit of gamble until certainty is given about what’s going to be phased out and when.


Hire A Prestige Car and Leave The Ownership Costs To Us

While premium cars typically depreciate less than budget cars as a proportion of their overall value, that overall value is likely to be far greater, so the money lost to it will also be greater overall. Probably the most compelling reason to hire a prestige car only when you need one, rather than buying outright. We’ll take care of all the maintenance, the depreciation and other ownership costs and you get to drive a new prestige car whenever you need one, but cut the cost of motoring by giving it back when you don’t.

Hire a Prestige Car from Priory when it makes sense to and cut the cost of motoring.