Christmas Van Hire - Helping You Keep Up With Your Christmas Deliveries

Christmas Van Hire Northwich & Accrington

The lead up to Christmas is always a busy time for anyone who sells anything to anyone. Statistics show that Christmas accounts for up to 30% of some retailers annual sales, so it stands to reason that you’ll be making far more deliveries leading up to December 25th than at any other time of the year. Whether you already have a fleet of delivery vehicles, or none at all, it doesn’t make sense buy the vehicles you need to satisfy Christmas demand, when you won’t have anywhere near that need in January. The obvious alternative is to hire a van, or several rental vans from Priory to get your goods delivered during this period of high demand, without having to worry about keeping unused capacity around for the rest of the year. Christmas Van Hire is the most cost effective way to keep up with your festive deliveries.


Christmas Van Hire – Cost Effective Deliveries

The flexibility of van hire as opposed to van purchase is obvious, whether it’s for Christmas or any other time of the year. Owning a large delivery vehicle like a Luton box van is one way to guarantee you’ll always be able to make large deliveries, but with the increased running and ownership costs of such a large van, you’ll be wasting money of you find you’re not always filling it. If you need to own a van at all, it’s far more efficient to buy one which satisfies your day to day needs and then hire a larger van, hire a smaller van, or hire more vans only when you need to. A strategy that”s sure to boost your businesses cashflow by making sure you can temporarily increase your delivery capacity when you need it, but not have to waste money on maintaining that capacity when you don’t.

Rental Vans From Priory give your business this flexibility, so you can run you business efficiently and more profitably. You can make your pre-Christmas Deliveries, without having any ongoing costs post-Christmas.


Christmas Van Rental In Northwich & Accrington

Whether you’re looking for Van Hire in Accrington, Cheshire Van Rental or Northwich Van Hire, you can rely on Priory Van Hire to have the rental van or vans to suit your needs, when you need them. We have a comprehensive fleet of vans of all sizes and shapes, so we have what you need to get your deliveries done this Christmas at prices which will seem like a gift to your business.