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November’s Van of the Month – The Mercedes Sprinter

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 2nd November 2018

  Classic Mercedes Engineering in a light commercial vehicle When it comes right down to it, a van is a van. So long as it gets your cargo from point A to point B, there’s not much between them other than size and price right? Well, partially. When you hire a van, you’re usually doing

October’s Van of The Month – The Mercedes Citan 109 CDI

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 10th October 2018

  In our range of light commercial vehicles for hire, rental vans around the size of the Ford Transit reign supreme as the perfect all-rounders, however, for city couriers, even these vans might be too large. City driving favours smaller vehicles to make navigating narrow streets and parking in tight spots easier. Medium vans like

Volkswagen Transporter – Our Van of the Month For September

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 2nd September 2018

Is the Volkswagen Transporter the most desirable Medium Van? When you think of a medium sized van, chances are the Ford Transit is the first, possibly the only van you think of. This isn’t surprising, the Transit is easily the most popular van on the road, it does everything well and nothing badly, which is

Can I drive a Van with a Car Licence?

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 5th August 2018

What are the Driving License Requirements For Driving a Van? No matter how long ago you passed your driving test, there’s a chance that you may never have driven a van before, so it’s entirely natural to wonder, when faced with the prospect of driving a vehicle which seems entirely different to what you’re used to,

The Peugeot Boxer – Our August Van of the Month

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 2nd August 2018

  Utility is usually the primary concern of our van hire customers. You have something to move from point A to point B, which is too big or too heavy for your car, so you need something bigger to get the job done. From our small city vans to our cavernous Luton’s the job drives the