Vauxhall Astra Elite Nav CDTI

The fabulous Vauxhall Astra Elite Nav CDTI

The Priory car fleet is something we take great pride in. No matter what your needs, we have a car that’s not just ‘good enough’ for you, but one you’ll be delighted to drive away in.

This month, we’re proud to extol the virtues of one of the models you’ll find in our range of medium sized cars.


The award winning Vauxhall Astra

The current model of the Vauxhall Astra has picked up a string of awards since its introduction, not least of which was laying claim to the prestigious European Car of The Year award for 2016.

It’s easy to see why the Vauxhall Astra was a favourite with judges. A combination of style, practicality, driving experience and equipment levels along with frugality beat other marques, even those regarded as ‘more premium’ to the coveted car of the year title.

Even the base model of the Astra comes generously equipped, however, at Priory, we’re generous with equipment too, which is why we’ve splashed out on the top of the range ‘Elite’ variant.


Features you’ll love

Fully integrated European sat nav system

At Priory, all our vehicles have the option of being taken to the continent, so if your road trip will take you across The Channel, we’re happy to accommodate. We couldn’t very well let you take a continental road trip without a map, so our top of the range Astra’s feature an integrated sat-nav system to guide you round the European highways – just remember to drive on the right!

AM/FM/DAB digital radio

What’s a road trip without a little music? The Astra Elite features an upgraded sound system so you’re sure to be able to find a great soundtrack for your journey and enjoy clear, crisp audio while you soak up the miles.


A thoroughly modern car with all the technological bells and whistles, the Astra Elite comes with Bluetooth audio, USB connectivity, a mobile phone portal, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Surprisingly affordable

With a super frugal, but surprisingly responsive and powerful engine, this turbo diesel variant of the Astra delivers the performance you need, but merely sips the fuel. With fuel economy this good, it might take several hundred miles before you need to fill up and with a hire cost starting from £25.00 per day, the economy of the car almost outweighs the hiring cost!


If you need a versatile, stylish car to take your family on a roadtrip, or attend a meeting in style, the superbly well rounded Vauxhall Astra Elite Nav CDTI is priced as a compromise, but delivers like a luxury option, speak to us about hiring this model today!