Car of The Month - The BMW 3 Series M Sport - Style and Performance

The BMW 3 Series M Sport – Our Car of The Month For February

February’s here, the financial drought which was January is over and surely it’s time you treated yourself to something which will make you smile? If you’re nodding your head vigorously, then why not enquire about taking our hire car of the Month for February, the BMW 3 Series M Sport out for a spin? It’s sure to make you grin from ear to ear!



The BMW 3 Series M Sport – German Engineering in a Sportier Package

The 3 series BMW has always been the benchmark for upmarket executive cars. It’s large enough to be self assured, pretty much matchless when it comes to maneuvering and with all the style and road presence you’d expect from a premium German saloon.

The M Sport version, specifically our 3 Series 335d xDrive M Sport, is a step up from the already above average 3 series and is the perfect combination of poise, performance and power. Wearing the M Sport badge with pride, this car boasts an upgraded interior and performance styling which is more than just for show. But you’re probably more interested in the 3 litre turbo-diesel engine and the fact that it can achieve 60 mph from a standing start in less than 5 seconds! We can’t get enough of that acceleration and neither will you!

Despite the power and the speed, the quality of the engineering is best demonstrated by it’s efficiency. For such a powerful car, you’ll be surprised that it’s capable of returning over 45mpg. it seems wrong to use the word ‘cheap about a BMW, so we’ll substitute ‘frugal’.

Impress Your Neighbours, Your Clients and Your Passengers with the BMW 3 Series M Sport

No matter where you go, what you o, or who you’re with, you’ll never feel like hiding your face when driving the BMW 3 Series M Sport. It’s a great all rounder, delivering everything anyone could want from a car without a trace of compromise. Normally a car that does everything is merely ‘ok’ in all those areas, but the beauty of the 3 Series M Sport is that it does them all well. It’s large enough for 5 adults to cruise in comfort, has all the driver aids and gadgets you’d expect from a premium marque and delivers the kind of driving experience and the tuneful engine note that makes the simple act of driving an experience of pure joy!

Contact us and find out for yourself why the BMW 3 Series M Sport is our car of the month for February!