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Driving Around Horses – Sharing The Road Safely

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 10th December 2018

What Should You Know About Driving Around Horses? The roads are busy places and a space we share with many other people. When learning to drive and through our experiences since passing our driving test, renting a car or hiring van, we’ll be well used to other vehicle drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, but it’s not

The Mitsubishi L200 Our Hire Car Of The Month For December

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 6th December 2018

The Mitsubishi L200 – Luxury and Capability Combined At a time of year when the weather might throw just about anything at us, driving can be a challenge even on the best of road surfaces. Rain, snow and ice can be relied on to add to the challenge of winter driving, so you need a

Cut The Cost of Motoring; Hire a Prestige Car & Buy a Budget One

Posted by Lightning McQueen on 29th November 2018

Why Buy a Big Car When You Can Rent One? Getting behind the wheel of large, comfortable prestige car and cruising the motorways is a great way to travel. Large, quality vehicles make longer road trips a joy. Large motorway cruisers are built for the open road, they perform better at higher speeds and return