van driving


At Priory, we’re delighted to be able to make it easy to hire a van for when you need to transport something too large for your car to handle. No matter what you need to move and no matter where you need to move it, we have a wide range of vehicles to fulfil your van hire needs.

For many of our customers, their Priory van is the first large vehicle they’ve driven and understandably there’s a little anxiety before setting off. With this in mind, we’ve put together these points to consider which should help make your van driving experience an easier one.


Longer vehicles need a larger turning circle

Vans, especially the long wheelbase and Luton variants are large vehicles and although easy to drive, will be much longer than your car. You’ll need to take turns wider with your front wheels to make sure your back wheels make it round without cutting across the corner. Be especially cautious when turning corners with walls or street furniture like fences and bollards.


Keep the height of your van in mind

Whilst driving your car, height restrictions aren’t something you need to worry about, so you’re likely to pass these signs unheeded. However, in a van, you’re sitting much higher than the driving position you’re accustomed to and with Luton box vans and other larger vans, the vehicle extends further still above your head.

There’ll be a notice in the cab letting you know how tall your van is, so be aware of this and make sure you pay attention to any low bridge or height restriction warnings when you’re driving or planning your journey.

Your sat-nav can often be programmed to avoid low bridges, so if available, take advantage of this feature.


Keep your eyes on the traffic ahead

With size comes mass and most vans are quite large when compared to a regular car. All Priory Vehicles are newer modern vehicles with all the current safety equipment, but even with the most efficient brakes and the best tyres, a larger vehicle will take longer to stop than a smaller one, particularly when carrying cargo. Thankfully, you’ll be able to see more of the road ahead thanks to the higher driving position, but even so, leave extra distance and look further ahead to give yourself the best chance of being able to brake sooner should you need to.


Plan your overtaking

The car you drove to Priory in no doubt allows you to drive however you like. If you feel the need to overtake slower vehicles, you can do so quickly and easily. Driving a van, however, will require a little more foresight.

Most vans are geared for power rather than speed. They won’t accelerate as fast or manoeuvre as quickly as your hatchback, so reading the road ahead to anticipate the need for overtaking or changing lanes will give you more time to complete the manoeuvre. Indicate well in advance, keep an eye on the surrounding traffic and make sure there’s plenty of room before making your move. Also bear in mind that your wing mirrors might not show you everything, particularly on the left hand side of the van, so be especially careful when moving back in after overtaking.


Drive steadily

For a better driving experience, we recommend driving smoothly. Vans won’t perform like your car, that’s not what they’re made for. Instead, use your enviable view to navigate the traffic with a sense of ease. You don’t need to react if you anticipate. Smooth acceleration and deceleration, elegant lane changes and a relaxed driving style can make even the utility of driving a van an enjoyable experience.


Take a break if you need one

All the extra concentration can take a toll, so if you’re on a longer journey it pays to stop off for a quick break every so often to relax and recharge.


If you need any advice on van driving, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you.